How to clean your Rug

Rugs can be great addition to your home that will serve many purposes starting from stopping excessive soil aggravation to looking just great in your living room, however those may be expensive to change and sometime to clean it may be a bit of strain to.

One has to be aware that cleaning rugs at your own home may be a cause of them loosing much of their life expectancy if not done correctly, that is why I’ll go over how to clean your rug in a way to provide best results and expend their life spam.

Steps to fallow:

  1. At least once a month flip your rug and vacuum it from the other side to extract any extra soil and provide chance for it to be able to breath fresh air from you home.
  2. Do not vacuum fringes/tassels of your rug, there is totally no need to do it and by doing so you can damage it without great results achieved in the process.
  3. Be aware of carpet cleaning solutions, most of them are designed to actually be used on the synthetic carpets and not on the wool, always check the label of your detergents, and make sure to test any detergent before actually using it on the entire rug.
  4. Make sure to clean stains as soon as they are made to prevent them from drying out and then being very difficult to remove from your rug or carpet. Is the stain is from milk then certain attention should be given to rinse the are from the milk with mild solution of cleaning detergent.
  5. Pet odour, this is one very difficult thing to get rid off from your carpet, however using this very simple trick you can achieve great results. Use Vinegar solution 1 to 3 ratio and wash your carpet with it, chemicals from vinegar are great fight the odour and stains to of this particular nature.



Cold calling carpet cleaners

Problem with cold calling carpet cleaners

There seems to be some problems with carpet cleaners doing cold calling in area of Bath, this is something very outrages to target vulnerable elderly customers. This most recent case is rather outraging in the form of money being charged to the customer and how this was conducted.


Southern Counties Cleaning Group

– have contacted the elderly person with proposition to do  her carpet, after the job was done then her son have checked the bank account only to find that she was charged over £500 to her bank account.

Their explanation was that they have trained staff that can basically upsell their services, this is how it’s called in business vocabulary. It is upselling that is done by many companies and many retailers, this is not the case. Most important is that they have used vulnerable customer that should not be exploited in this way.

One should be careful when it comes to selling services, I have a lot of experience with cold calling being done on me. I can tell you that it is very hard to drop the call on the sales person first few times, however after few of those you get better and you can do it with very little effort.


Be reasonable with your time, it is very important to know where they are calling from and what they actually want to sell you. It may sound interestingly, however you should always see the basic product in all that.

Carpet cleaners in Cardiff

It has been shown from your poll that carpet cleaners are of interest to my readers. That is why I will post this part for today, I want to do a video on cleaning carpet with only home based items. 

When it comes to cleaning carpets there are many small companies out there, they are willing to undercut on the price. However their strategy is shortsighted and by this they may not provide right quality cleaning for your needs. For this very reason one should estimate how long the company is in the business and what equipment they are using because this will show how professional they are. Furthermore belonging to some professional body will show more commitment to the business idea and will present greater mission statement quality.

Carpet cleaners for hire in Cardiff are vast in numbers, however one should be interested in their quality more than in simply price. If they are charging less then £25 for a room it may be questionable what they are presenting and by this there may be concern on their professionalism. 

Mold fighting without carpet cleaner.

When it comes to mold removal one has to know that it is rather taunting task and that working on it will take time and some money to spend on extra heating involved in the process. 

Why would I say that this involve money, first of all you have to heat your house enough to dry the bastard to death. However, while you  are doing this you have to have your humidity low for it to work completely. Why is it important to dry the carpet, first of all spores will not survive in the dry environment and for this very reason venting the house will be very beneficial to your carpet. 

Steps to undertake will be

  1. Dry the carpet if you can with water extracting hoover.
  2. Keep your home very worm
  3. Keep is with good air flow to keep the humidity of the room
  4. the very last thing to do will be to call professional carpet cleaner if you cannot deal with actual stains left after the spores.Image


If you want to clean your carpet of the mold using carpet cleaner there is one that I recommend  this carpet cleaner in Cardiff is very professional. 

How to market Carpet cleaning business in Cardiff

This is a question that I have been having ever since I have started my business, as a recent graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan university in business management I should have a good idea how to manage and market business. Well this is not entirely true, I have ideas in my head not it is time for them to be tested.

I want to talk about those few basic ideas that anyone should consider at the very beginning of marketing their business.


This is one amazing place to market business, however you should be wary of  google ad method, as this may cost you a lot of money and in a long run without well designed campaign and promotions you may be out of lock and out of pocket with this method. I have tried this on other business that I am consultant in DMclean, this business is doing well. However they are having very good campaign and price structure, when it comes to Carpet cleaning there is a great possibility that people will try to negotiate price every time you speak with potential customer.


When it comes to press, I have placed ads in local papers with ads. I have to admit the results will be shown in this month, I’m rather interested in them.


I have tried this with no results, this same when it comes to domestic c leaning business. Leaflets are something that is rather non-effective in today’s world of junk mail, I am big believer that people should be targeted at stage of searching for something rather then throw at them advertising when they do not need it.

Word of mouth

This is rather important for anyone ho is interested in building good brand name and reputation for hi’s company.

My business is in very initial stage of development I am currently experimenting with my ideas, additionally I have ordered some books on business marketing. My carpet cleaning section of website is under development I want this to be better positioned and developed on mater of photos and confidence that it gives to any possible customers. My goal is to achieve at least 40 unique visitors every day and by this increasing chances of viewers becoming customers, I like an idea of statistical data:)

Carpet services in Cardiff

Carpet services in Cardiff

Cleaning carpets can take time, especially if it is done with domestic equipment that may not be strong enough. Furthermore chemicals used in this process are very important, that is why we are using best quality products with industrial focus. Karcher is known for producing great quality products that are used domestically and industrially that is why it is out choice when it comes to equipment and chemicals.

When we are cleaning carpets it is done in stages, first we have to examine material that we are going to clean. After examination we can decide on the strategy that is best on given carpet, spraying carpet with water and chemical detergent is first stage. After spraying we can conduct irritation of the material, what will make surface more acceptable to extraction that will be final stage. Our cleaning teams are especially concerned with detail and your satisfaction, that is why if we see that pets are present in the household we will use extra detergents that will improve extraction of fur.

Sofas cleaning is conducted in similar way, however because some of the sofas are made from sensitive material irritation will be conducted in more sensitive manner. Additionally we clean bed mattresses that are cleaned in similar way, cleaning bad mattress after your baby had a flu or in case of different situation is a great way to refresh bedroom.

Mobile valeting Cardiff, it essentially involves cleaning your car back to its’ original appearance once it left showroom. After your house, car is probably your second most valuable thing that is worth to look after. Especially if you are looking to sell your vehicle and car cleaning can improve your asking price.

Carpet cleaning Cardiff

Working In Cleaning Business, Cardiff:

Working for DMclean (domestic cleaning Cardiff) made it very clear that most important in cleaning business is satisfaction of our customers, that is the best way for as to develop and grow the business and by this provide better services for our customers.

Working experience with DMclean have been very beneficial for my personal development, furthermore work placement undertaken in TICrecruitment in second year of my course gave me opportunity to understand how important is to provide good customer care. As this can indicate I’m graduate from UWIC, completing bachelors degree in International Business Management with dissertation in customer satisfaction and how this is perceived by management helped me to make sure that customers are placed on the first place in actions of organization.

This experience have given be professional approach to cleaning and with assistance of DMclean management I decided to work in cleaning business. It was very important for me to make shore that my business will be as successful as cleaning business can be, driven by recommendations and good customer relation.